Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting visa to visit Vietnam

If you want to get Visa for Vietnam, then visa on arrival is one of the perfect ways for you to apply online as you travel by air. You don’t need to face seemingly endless problems and lengthening procedures with no additional charges as well. Besides being legitimate, it is backed by Vietnamese Immigration Department.  You just need to work at few basics with a visa service for Vietnam by applying online. Among the four steps which you need for application process, it just takes two of the working days with an exception of urgent situations where even a single day is enough for the completion of your work. Besides filling application form for visa, you need pay service fee for getting the approval letter and you finally get your visa-at-arrival. The basic and the foremost thing which is needed is the filling of application form with all the personal details as this form is sent in advance through email.

Secondly you need to confirm the information along with paying service fee and after doing so; you will get confirmation of your form being sent successfully. The service fee is usually paid through reliable credit cards with the Gate2shop payment gate option. Payment can also be made using VisaCard, MasterCard, DinnersCards, SwitchCards or SoloCards or Paypal as well. Finally all your information directly goes through Vietnam Immigration Department in order to get their approval in the form of letter as well. You will be notified through the email as visa approval letter is sent after a period of two days.

Thereafter in order to get Visa for Vietnam, you need to bring to the arrival airport in Vietnam after getting its printout. Visa Company gets the original letter of approval sent by the Vietnam Immigration Department as you arrive at the airport. Although the approval letter of yours is in the grayscale but it’s readily accepted, owing to the basic fact that Immigration Department closely monitors screens and checks your application.

Finally all you need is to get the visa stamped you don’t need to worry at all. On your arrival to the airport of Vietnam you need to get your visa stamped on your passport by showing at the "Landing Visa Counter" thereby filling the form for visa along with attaching the photos and finally paying the stamping fee for visa to the officer at Immigration. The fees vary with the duration of your stay. There are many websites where you can the most appropriate, updated and authentic information at the convenience of your time and place. These websites will give you a complete overview regarding every single problem of yours thus making you at ease. Visa for Vietnam has become very easy to obtain and the simple process that has been explained can keep you away from hassles of obtaining the visa.

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